Osprey Cam 2017

They’re late (March 25), but an osprey was observed on the nest platform.  You may recall that the Town of Chesapeake Beach Public Works and CBOCS volunteers erected two osprey platforms during the Spring of 2014.  Last year a camera was placed above and adjacent to the eastern platform just in time for the ospreys’ return on March 17, 2016.  Those ospreys successfully fledged two chicks AFTER the camera was struck by lightning, preventing viewers from observing the fledging (flight development) process.

Check the osprey page (click the button) to view the camera and for osprey facts, etc.

May 23 – 0730hr – Second chick confirmed!

May 21 – Nancy Feuerle reported that the first chick hatched some time during the afternoon today!  We should see another hatch or two in the next few days…

May 20 – 0600hr – No eggs have hatched yet, but next week we should see a chick or two or three!

May 01 – 1130hr- The apparent male (white chest) was incubating the eggs when the female (brown mottled chest) returned and resumed incubation within a few minutes.

April 20 – 1630hr – third egg confirmed!  Assuming an incubation period of 38 days (38-40) and a first egg date of April 15, hatching should start on or about May 23.

April 17 – must have been a busy Easter weekend because TWO eggs were observed at 0815hr today.   A clutch of three eggs is not uncommon, and three eggs hatched during 2016.  Perhaps in a couple more days we’ll see a third egg…

April 07 — both ospreys visit the nest occasionally throughout the day (as they have since the second half of the pair arrived), and the nest bowl appears to be ready.

March 30 — both ospreys observed on the platform daily since arrival.  Note the increasing appearance of small “nest material” (lighter in color and more plant-like as opposed to twigs and branches).