Upcoming Town Meetings and Important Town Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Safe Routes to School Design: The Town of Chesapeake Beach has hired Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) to prepare engineering plans for the construction sidewalk along MD 261 (Bayside Road) from Old Bayside Road to Chesapeake Village Boulevard, and along Old Bayside Road from F Street to MD 261 (Bayside Road). We request your permission to have BAI’s surveyors and engineers temporarily enter your property for the purpose of establishing survey lines, property boundaries, geotechnical investigation, and conducting engineering analysis related to the proposed sidewalk improvements. This work is necessary for the project and we ask for your cooperation. The surveyors and engineers will exercise every precaution to minimize any disturbance to your property and privacy.  Please note that the Annotated Code of Maryland (Real Property Code: Title 12, Subtitle 1, Section 12-111) grants land surveyors permission to enter private property to gather information. The surveyors, who are both courteous and highly qualified, will make every effort to perform their work with the least inconvenience to you.  If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at (410) 257-2230.

Let’s talk trash!  “The Town of Chesapeake Beach Code requires that all trash storage receptacles shall be made of durable material and shall be watertight with tight fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access.  No garbage, trash or debris shall be placed out for collection except in proper receptacles.”  Due to the excessive rains this summer, the trash company has been finding trash cans full of water along with being full of trash.  This causes the cans to be so heavy that they can’t physically be picked up.  The company has begun a no tolerance policy and will not collect the trash if the can is full of water.  You must properly cover your containers to avoid this and to ensure pick up.  Also, please do not use the Town provided recycle bins for regular trash; that will also prevent your trash from being collected.  We appreciate your attention and help with these matters as we strive to keep Chesapeake Beach beautiful.

Please be sure to put your trash and recycling out the evening before your pick up. The trash company will begin pick ups at 5:00 am due to the summer heat, and this will continue through September.

B Street Slope Assessment and the Beach Boardwalk Closure – The Global Stability Analysis report for the B Street Slope has been completed.  To view the report, click here .  The Town will continue to make assessments over the coming weeks in order to reopen the boardwalk.

Protect yourself from identity theft. Security freezes, also known as credit freezes, are the best way to prevent someone from opening an account in your name. Legislation requiring free credit freezes by TransUnion , Equifax , and Experian will go into effect Friday, September 21, 2018.  Freezes must be placed at all three credit bureaus to be effective. For more information, click here .

The Chesapeake Beach 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report has been released.  To view a printable copy of the report, click here .

September 24th Chesapeake Beach artist, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Walkowiak, will be featured during September’s “Art in the Stacks” Program at Twin Beaches Library. Please join Bill during a “meet the artist” event from 7-8 PM on Monday, September 24, at the Twin Beaches Library. Guests will hear a short presentation about some of the artists recent adventures and wildlife photography. Refreshments will be served. Books available in the Calvert County Library.  Lieutenant Colonel Bill Walkowiak, USAF (retired) is a seasoned world-traveler. His 30 years in uniform took him to all seven continents including the South Pole and the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. From Bangkok to Baghdad, he has always carried a camera to bring home stories. An Eagle Scout originally from Massachusetts, Bill graduated from the USAF Academy in 1984. From his cold war beginnings in the Strategic Air Command, flight test experience at Edwards AFB, an E-3 AWACS instructor pilot in Air Combat Command, and a Pentagon Analyst, his career was packed full of high pressure experiences. Bill encourages everyone to not fixate on the light at the end of the tunnel and instead to enjoy the process of getting through it.  You can enjoy a variety of photographic experiences, and even purchase prints, and a variety of novelty products by visiting his website .

September 25 @ 7pm – Board of Appeals Meeting in Town Hall.

September 27 @ 7pm – Green Team Meeting in Town Hall Conference Room.