Osprey Cam 2018

April 19 @ 0630hr – second egg observed…  Recall that the delay between eggs is often responsible for size difference in young Osprey chicks that favors the larger, more aggressive young at feeding time.

April 18 @ 0730hr – still one egg…

April 16 @ 1840hr – one egg obvious, no other eggs apparent.

April 15 @ 1000hr – one egg confirmed.  One of the pair was observed rotating the egg.

April 12 @ 1850hr – one egg probably in the nest.  One of the pair spends most of the time apparently incubating.  Recall that both members of the pair share in incubation duties.  It has been difficult verifying the presence of an egg visually, but incubation behavior is a good indication that an egg is likely present.

April 4 – The Osprey Cam along the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail was brought online after technical difficulties were resolved.  The camera feed mechanism may change later this spring, but for now the video is online and stable.  Both Ospreys have returned (presumably the same pair that has nested on the platform the last few years) and have been observed bringing new nest material to the nest on multiple occasions.  To view the Osprey Cam, click the button.