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Informational Work Session Audio from December 07, 2017

Ethics Commission Meeting Audio from November 30, 2017

Planning and Zoning Meeting Audio from September 13, 2017

Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes from August 09, 2017

Comcast interview with Mayor Pat Mahoney, who discusses upcoming holiday season events — click here .

Town Council Meeting Minutes from October 19, 2017

Informational Work Session Minutes from November 02, 2017

Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes from September 13, 2017


Ethics Commission Meeting Minutes from September 25, 2017

Chesapeake Beach Fall 2017 Newsletter

Emergency Management – The Mission of the Town’s Emergency Management program is to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, and partnering to obtain resources and response efforts. The coordination of response agencies during a disaster event and public education and awareness for disaster preparedness is a vital part of these efforts.  For more information on emergency preparedness, cold weather, hurricanes, communications etc., click here .

Taste the Beaches Festival 2017

Green Team page

Taste the Beaches 2017 (including Mayor Pat Mahoney event interview with Comcast)

Stars and Stripes Festival 2017 Photos